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Hospitality Mind Book

We created the "Hospitality Mind Book" based on extensive business experience with automobile dealers, and a large number of dealers have made use of this tool.
This book is divided into four sections aimed at improving the skills of automobile dealer staff: the "Sales Basics" section, "Showroom" section, "Inspection and Maintenance" section, and "Step-Up" section. This book is intended as a self-training tool which will help learners to acquire not only correct speaking styles and customer-service manners, but also a "Hospitality Mind" which benefits from a deep understanding of the customers.
Unlike earlier periods when visiting customers at their homes was common practice, dealings with customers are now primarily carried out on customer visits to the dealer. This book considers all possible aspects of this interaction, and covers the skills and knowledge needed to put high-quality hospitality into actual practice. It includes checklists and worksheets that the staff should complete together, and is a convenient size that the staff can easily carry with them. We hope that your company will make use of this book in your sales activities, with one book for each staff.

Hospitality Mind Book

Set of 4 sections in 4 volumes, with hard case
1 set: 2,700 yen (tax included, shipping not included)
*Size: 90 mm x 184 mm (Each section is 52 pages.)

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