Manager Seminars

The keys to survival in this age when the number of cars owned is decreasing are both obtaining new customers and developing customer loyalty.
Improving the skills of individual sales staff will not allow a dealer to achieve the desired level of CS unless these efforts are accompanied by a removal of barriers between divisions and a higher level of teamwork throughout the dealership. It is the role of the managers to provide the driving force behind these improvements.
In addition to the basic seminar where attendees learn the functions, requirements, and attitude required of managers and junior staff training seminar, ASWA also offers seminars for team building, facilitation skills, and other courses in a seminar program for sales and service managers that is tuned to the actual conditions in the automobile business.

Manager Seminars

Comments from seminar participants

  • Thank you for the valuable opportunity to learn about the approaches taken by other industries, and about the problems experienced by other companies in the same industry.
  • Although the seminar was short, I was given much to think about, and I think I have found some hints that will help me achieve my current objective.
  • The basic team-building exercises and leadership management study were well done.
  • The content of Lead Management was good. I felt it entered a new era.
  • I was able to reconfirm the points which match our company's thinking, as well as the need to treat everyone outside of oneself as a customer and give high priority to keeping customers through follow-up activities.
  • I was very interested in the actions taken in other industries, and found the seminar very informative.
  • I learned about how the current management style is shifting from coaching to facilitation, and I think I can apply what I learned at my workplace.

After interviews to determine the problems and issues faced by your dealership, we will offer individually optimized training. Please feel free to request a meeting.

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