New Vehicle Sales Seminars

With the advance of the information society, it is now possible for customers to easily obtain product information.
In some cases when a customer visits the dealer, his or her purchasing psychology has already passed the desire stage and is already in the comparison study stage. Elements such as the brand power and the service of the dealer staff are also subjects for comparison, in addition to the characteristics and performance of the product. Customer expectations are becoming higher and higher, and in the present age it is no longer possible to win by simply meeting expectations.
In addition to seminars for new graduates who are just getting a start in the industry and sales skill seminars that cover subjects from business manners to training for mid-level and veteran sales staff, ASWA also offers seminars for dealer operations and CS improvements.
We also offer a broad range of product seminars, ranging from new-model and current-model product seminars to seminars comparing the products of your competitors.

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