Market Surveys

Accurately identifying customer opinions and demands in order to provide products and services that have true appeal is very difficult without conducting a market survey.
ASWA uses the following two primary methods to conduct market surveys targeting automobile dealers.

Dealer Surveys

Investigators are dispatched directly to the dealer, where they conduct a survey of the actual conditions by analyzing and evaluating the staff service conditions, shop environment, and other factors from the customer perspective.
They find problems and potential improvements hidden in the dealer operations, and are able to determine by practical means honest customer opinions that could never be found by internal checks. This allows them to find clues to making improvements from an external perspective.
Such surveys can also be used to make dramatic improvements to the identified problems, and construct mechanism for increasing the numbers of loyal customers.
The results of a dealer survey are provided as feedback to the dealer, and can be used to improve customer satisfaction, secure a good customer retention rate, and increase the number of customers.

CS Surveys

These are surveys of customer satisfaction performed of customers who have had the mandatory vehicle inspection performed by the dealer.
The returned questionnaires are totaled for each service advisor, and the number of responses and score for each question are provided in the form of matrices and radar charts in the summary document.
In order to improve the level of customer satisfaction, it is essential to determine how customer satisfaction can be improved and to enact continuing improvements.
This is why CS surveys are necessary.

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