Company Overview

Company Overview

The name 'ASWA' has its origins in 'ashita', the Japanese word for 'tomorrow'.

It represents the desire of ASWA and its staff to continuously strive for innovation and improvements amidst the dynamic changes of the times, and to be a hardworking group of professionals creating a tomorrow that is different from today.

For all of us in these uncertain times, tomorrow can be something fearful, but it is also full of ambition and hope. However if we idly let the times pass us by, not only will we produce nothing and change nothing, but we may also lose our place in society. ASWA approaches these challenges with the grand idea of an "ashita" (tomorrow) where we can find limitless possibilities even in trying times. We believe that it is important to spare no efforts in activities that steadily bring the results of these challenges closer. The source of these efforts is the progressive ability to accurately interpret the conditions of the times and the expertise required to create specific solutions.

The primary fields of the experience and expertise which ASWA has developed up to the present have been the automobile and machinery fields. Throughout this experience, we have continued to offer proposals concerning after-sales service divisions and strengthening relationships with the customers, and have been rated highly by our clients.

With one axis of our operations based on determining how to strengthen relationships with customers, we strive to create proposals based on new ideas. In our efforts to carry out these proposals, we will never hesitate to create a tomorrow that is different from today.

1. Purpose of business Generate the enjoyment of automobile travel and fulfill our responsibilities and rights as a corporate citizen of society.
2. Direction for the company Continually raise our levels of originality and expertise in the automobile field.
3. Basic approach to customers Produce results that exceed demands and acquire a high level of trust.
4. Basic approach to employees Utilize teamwork based on mutual understanding and trust.
5. Basic approach to outside experts Utilize teamwork based on mutual understanding and respect.
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